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UK: Call 0906 176 5136
ROI: Call 1580 999 945
Calls cost £1.53 p/min from BT land lines.
ROI: €2.44 p/min. Calls may be recorded 18+ Get permission.

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Freephone: 08000 670 118
Ireland 1800 818 095
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Call: +44 1 8774 260 430
Rest Of World: +44 1635 000 556

0906 calls cost 1.53/min [mobiles, other networks, payphones cost more] You must be 18+ & have bill payers permission to call. Calls are recorded - regulated by Phonepay Plus

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Best Online Phone Tarot UK Reading Live for you now!

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Readers on our live  lines are members of the world's well known and respected Circle. During our live Tarot UK Reading our psychic clairvoyants often tap into their spirit guides to help determine exactly what the cards are telling you, our gifted ethical accurate tarot UK reading can give you clear clarity and direction for those sometimes difficult decisions to make. Once you are connected,  your psychic will shuffle the pack whilst asking you to concentrate on the main area of concern, you will then be asked to tell your psychic when to stop & cut the deck, and the subsequent cards revealed will be used for your reading. Our psychic are available 24/7 and this service is regulated by Phonepay plus.

Today's Modern Psychic Readers

More more people are turning to Tarot UK Reading this most ancient form of divination has historical significance and its roots originate in Italy, the reality of the tarot in modern life is that it is one of the most potent form of predictory tool for querents today, and the beauty of this type of reading is the spreads address different life areas not just past, present future. Try our Live Tarot UK Reading today to provide tips clues about your life.

Live Tarot UK Reading carried out using a pack of 78 cards containing 2 sections which are the Minor & Major Arcana, the Minor fill in the details while the Major show dominant forces in the querents life. In a spread, a majority of Cups warns against letting your feelings cloud reason, Swords warn of indecision & possible frictions, Wands say act now, and Pentacles advise you to aim for profit.

Our  lines offer psychics, mediums, and also provide live psychic readings - call 0906 635 3091 to talk to a psychic live now . Most of the readers on our lines work in women's popular media such as magazines and on TV, & we have the highest level of repeat callers which acts as verification of the accuracy, gifts deployment of these for our clients.

Our professional Live Tarot UK Reading can be obtained in 2 ways, by calling the 0906 number above and paying on your phone bill, or via credit card using the freefone number. The level of repeat calls endorse us as a true star in making your life happier, & providing a service superior to all others. Ensure you have a pen handy to write down your persons PIN number so you may call again - MOST PEOPLE DO!! 

Why Call Our Lines........

The cards urge you to think about your goals and motives and take a look at how you interact with the World. You may be at a crossroads and the cards can tell you what the outcome may be if you follow one particular route. If our live tarot UK Reading fail to live up expectations please do not hesitate to let us know.
The 78 cards of the tarot make up one of the tools of empowerment and encouragement that have emerged through our centuries, Aracana means 'profound secrets' or mysteries, reveal yours now.............
Crystal Ball

2006:  0906 calls cost 1.53/min [BT-mobiles, other networks, payphones cost more] You must be 18+ and have bill payers permission to call. Calls are recorded for your protection and regulated by Phonepay Plus. SP: StreamLive, PO Box 1222, Norwich NR15 1WL. Customer service 0870 023 4567 [Office hours only] 1580 calls cost 2.44/min [mobiles & payphones cost more] regulated by Comreg. All readings are for entertainment purposes only

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We at Spiritual Psychic Circle aim to offer the best service available in the market place and be as competitive as possible with our service and price